More about us...

The Big Hungry consists of a group of local working professionals living in Hendersonville and Brevard, 
North Carolina, who began playing music for fun in their spare time. They quickly noticed 
that the sound they were creating was something special, and together they have produced their own original 
music, with an eclectic sound ranging across musical genres including classic rock, funk, folk, and 
reggae. Varied tastes and a love of all music has shaped the sound of their music 

We are excited to be playing music for Western North Carolina and hope you will become 
part of the The Big Hungry Family!


guitar and vocals

A former member of two bands: Red Moon 
and Dread Train, both based out of Beaufort, SC. Dread Train played Reggae throughout SC. Wanting to expand his musical palate, he helped found Red Moon, a southern rock jam band that traveled the Southeast. He now brings his diverse talents to The Big Hungry


keyboard and vocals

John's playing and vocals add multiple layers to the 
group’s sound. Although he has not toured professionally, he has a heavily influenced musical background. He honed his harmonies participating in church choir and playing bluegrass with his family while growing up in Danville, VA. 


lead guitar

Bob has spent many years mastering the techniques of the guitar and has played for multiple 
bands in the Mid-Atlantic region including Quiet Marshall, Papa Fresh, and Mary Rhodes. These bands 
were heavily influenced by 90's alternative music but mixed in the improvisational jam band sounds of the 
grateful dead and the classic rock tones of Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd. His guitar licks undoubtedly 
shape the sound of The Big Hungry.



Ryan began playing guitar and bass as teenager, and has been touring the garage scene wherever life has taken him. A lover of the groove, he has been holding down the low end since The Big Hungry began



Jon began playing keyboards/percussion with his brother and friends in high school , connecting especially with percussion. He continued experimenting with music during his college 
years with an exploration of rock and jazz fusion. He has been a member of the bands
Elastic Waistband and Razzle, both from Hendersonville, NC. His unique rhythms form the backbone of The Big Hungry 


sound engineer

the man behind the (mixer) curtain who makes all the sound happen